The future of virtual reality


Virtual reality is changing into an actual reality in today’s world. The compacting the dimensions of  virtual reality devices are up within the marketplace for commercial use. These devices area unit certain to shrink the 3D video experience by reducing the whole 3D screen to merely one box by giving wings to the augmented reality. VR devices are progressing to squeeze the 3D cinema experience inside one box, while not compromising on the gratification level of end-users.

For gamers, this can be a dream come true. Considering that once upon a time Xbox 360 was the factor of fascination; it shortly shall become the story of a past for future generation. The experience of mixing the human senses are currently dwindling fleetly. Playstation VR is already up and sweeping the market.

– The gyroscope is effectively utilised in mobile phones to integrate VR experience

– it’s worn gesture-control rings to simulate the real world movements to Virtual world

– it’s very to immerse within the virtual world with the arrival of virtual reality headsets like oculus Rift

Google glass is the alternative innovation that aims to switch the standard commuters with Ubicomp (Ubiquitous computing). whereas we have a tendency to quote the hardware of Ubicomp, we have a tendency to speak of the technologies that support the computing. It includes the web, progressive middleware, reduced OS, sensors, microprocessors, accelerated user-interfaces, GPS technology, and alternative mobility protocols.

The future of virtual reality has no limits from health care applications, Military efficiency, and Journalism to mention some. Recently, throughout the Nepal earthquake, the govt embraced the usability of Google Glass to tackle the poachers of untamed animals and herbs in Chitwan International Park and different national parks that falls below the planet Heritage sites.


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